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Statement of Purpose

April 4, 2010

Welcome to my teaching portfolio.  I originally designed this portfolio as a culminating project for the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program at North Carolina State University.

In this portfolio, I give an overview of my teaching, how it is developing over time, and the style that I have developed. As an educator of mathematics, I work to both teach my students the basic competencies required of each course and to foster their ability to solve problems. I hope that my students leave the course not only with the basic skills needed for continued success, but the ability to think through and analyze problems in order to solve them.

In my teaching philosophy, I describe the way I teach my classes and the reasons that I do so.  In this portfolio, I also include significant evidence of my teaching. Some of this evidence can by found through looking at the professional development activities I have chosen to attend, as well as how those activities have affected my teaching. Also, there is information about each course that I have taught to provide a context for my readers. I also share several artifacts from classes I have taught, including class activities, assessments, and feedback from faculty and students. Finally, I reflect on what I have learned through making the portfolio, through the CoAT program, and my goals for the future.

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